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Sat. June 16th
Arthur Carey went at about ten o'clock. Gerald and I spent the morning near the Foxes. 

Sun. June 17th
Gerald and I took our dinner with us and went into the pine woods, where we spent most of the morning ^and ate our dinner. On our way home through the woods we met Miss Jones, and my papa, and Gladys. We walked about in the woods for awhile gathering wild strawberries, and happened to go right to the place where the holes which Gerald and I had covered were; and my papa who was walking ahead carrying Gladys, fell right into the largest one, - the one we covered first,- which was intended for Miss 

Jones. But neither he nor Gladys were hurt atall.

Mon. June 18th
I am very sure that I drove to Pomfret ^with the Rockwells, in the A.M. and saw a snake.

Tue. June 19th
We walked up the Thompson road.

Wed. June 20th.
We paddled up the inlet in the afternoon in ^the Mathewson boat. (We had not been using ^it since about June 7th, as the Mathewson children had come to Woodstock.) Arthur Carey sent us some fruit; which arrived after supper.

Thur. June 21st.
Gerald and I had dinner with the Mathewson children: but ^not getting nearly as much as we wanted, we hur-

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