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The Gabrieliño [underlined] group is called:

Tobikhar by Gatschet, probably by error from Tobohar, the mythical first man; the language, after Buschmann, Kizh.

Tumangamalum (Notherners) by the Luiseños; the language Tumangangakh.

The list of place names in their territory given by Reid (Cal. Farmer, XIV, 146) is in their own language and apparently reliable.

The following are the names of places in Gabrieliño territory, as called by the Luiseños:

San Pedro       Masaugna
Palos Verde     unaungna
Redondo         engva (salt)
Ballona         saan
San Gabriel     tuvasak
San Fernando    pashingmu
Los Angeles     iyakha, the name of a plant growing abundantly there.
Santa Ana       hutuk
Santa Catalina  pipimar

Some of these Luiseño names differ only dialectically from the Gabrieliño ones given by Reid.
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