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The Serranos [underlined] are called

     by the Mohave, Hanyuveche and Vanyume

     by certain other Yuman tribes, Hanakwiche (cf. Garces)

     by the Shoshonean Chemehuevi, Panumits or Panumints (those north of the San Bernardino range toward the Tehachipi mountains); Pitanta, (north of the San Bernardino range in the Mohave desert); and Maringints (south of the San Bernardino range).

     by the Luiseño, Marayam, and their language Marangakh

     by the Shoshonean Agua Caliente tribe of San Diego county, Tamankamyam (Northerners) (Boas, Proc. A.A.A.S., 44, 261, 1895)

     by Gatschet, Takhtam (persons)

     by Garcés, Beñeme

     by themselves, according to Barrows (Ethno-Botany Coahuilla, 19) Cow-ang-a-chem; according to Boas (Proc. A.A.A.S., 44, 261, 1895), Maringayam

The Serrano on the Mohave river above Daggett, 

     call themselves Möhineyam

     are called by the Chemehuevi, Pitanta

     are called by the Mohave, Vanyume or perhaps Hanyuveche

The Serrano in the Tulare-San Joaquin drainage north of the Tehachapi divide on and about Tejon creek,in whose territory Tejon reservation was constituted, 

     call themselves, Gikidanum

     are called by the southern Yokuts, Mayaintalap 

     by the Shoshonean Tübatulabal, Witanghatal

     by the Mohave, Kubahaivima (not to be confused with Kubakhye)

     by Garcés (who came with Mohaves), Cuabajay

     by the Chemehuevi, Panumits (applied to their southern or eastern neighbors and perhaps to them also).
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