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a bill much higher than what you were estimated.
In the afternoon went to the office explained to Rowland and Sperry my idea for making asbestos diaphragm and showed them samples.
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Discussed the advisability of making a small 50A. Townsend cell for laboratory use and for insuring "operating" in such countries where patent rights require this qualification
[April 5. Read tonight before the N.Y. Section of Am. Chemical Society my paper "On the Danger of Overspecialization" Quite [[some?]] discussion after the meeting. The discussion deviating mostly on side matters, as for instance What is the soul? Have we right 
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to kill animals for pleasure or food. Was glad to see that to some my paper gave food for thought. Breneman as chairman made some laudatory remarks. I hope the paper will [[strikethrough]] not? [[/strikethrough]] shock more and rouse some controversy as soon as it is published. If it does not it will have missed it purpose, viz. to awaken some of us from our onesided torpid life.
[[margin - 1/3 X at Berry Brothers
April 6/ Went to D.F. office 1/3 day
April 7/ Read some of Duncan's excellent book "New Knowledge" In the evening Mr. Thurlow came to see me and reported about his successful attempt to make Novolak on a commercial scale 
[[lmargin - Thurlow reports about his work on Novolak on commercial scale
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