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April 11. Brady examined motor today. reported bearings of crankshaft molten out on account of insufficient lubrication. The careless people at Peerless's shop had not finished the motor. Left the side oil pipes out so that crank case [[underline]]could not[[underlined]] lubricate, hence overheating. A most careless and reckless piece of work. 
April 12 Went to N.Y. Spent from 10 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. at D.& F. C. (one day)[[right margin note Development & Funding Co., which later became Hooker Electrochemical]] 
[[margin 1/X]] Evening took supper at Mrs. Seligsberg then afterwards Trustee meeting Chemist's Club
April 13 Dinner in honor of Mr. Nichols at Chemist's Club. A great success. I was called upon to speak after Parker had satirized my lecture on Overspecialization" got back at 
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him in the same strain. Developed my belief in the [[strikethrough]] economic[[strikethrough]] tremendous economic value of the immigrant and their contribution to the prosperity of this country. It was 1 P.M. when we left and I remained at the Belmont Hotel and came home next morning. 
April 14. Took matters easy. Visit of the Kellman's and Gutman
April 15. Made appointment for Tuesday 23 April with Alfred Hooper Detroit. Took lunch with Zabriskie and Parker and Mr. van Boskich at Drug Club. Went to Seligsberg to talk about my will. Took supper at Mouquin with Celine. 
April 16. Brady reports to me that none of the nuts in engine of auto were fastened