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April 28. I intend to apply for patent rights for the [[underlined]]asbestos felt[[underlined]] and give free license to the Development and Funding Co. for the right to use the process as a cell diaphragm reserving myself the right of using it for any other purposes.
I intend to try impregnating wood with waste sulphite lye.
[[margin - Impregnation of wood with sulphite lye.]]
April 29. [[underlined]]One day [[underlined]] at office of D & F. Co. various consultations and correcting paper on Townsend cell.
[[margin - 1/X]]
April 30. Spent the day examining testimony of Mr. [[Main?]] (Goodwin suit.)
[[margin - Goodwin vs. Eastman suit]]
May [[double underline]] 1[[double underline]] Spent another full day on the same subject.
May 2. Spent  [[underlined]]1/3 day[[underlined]] at office
[[margin - X1/3]]
May 3. Stayed at home various work.
May 4. Spent [[underlined]]1/2 day[[underlined]] at office. dictated several letters and corrected paper
[[margin - X1/2]]
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on Townsend. cell.
May 5. Adams came here from Peerless Co to attach the missing  [[strikethrough]]parts[[strikethrough]] vents of auto engine.
Have sent them a check
May 6. Damp cold rainy weather. Spent the day clearing up my old papers and letters.
May 7. All day busy correcting mistakes on automobile
May 8. [[underlined]] One [[underlined]] full day at office of D. & F. Co. 
[[margin - 1/X]]
Told Tish & Robinson to sell two more bonds Wis.C.4 at 88
Interview with Dr. Goldsmith + relative chlorine contract.
[[margin - Dr. Goldsmith of Germany inventor of thermit
Interview Klipstein relative tetrachloride of carbon. Interview Dr. Takamine relative Japanese license gave him
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