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[[Vertical Margin Note: Damage suit in Niagara Falls]
various matters then had consultation with Mr. Gray 
(Mr. Sage's partner) at the N.Y Bar association until 6:20 P.M relative the testimony the damage suit which has been started at Niagara Falls.
I outlined the examination of myself as witness.
Charge 2/3 day.
I came home after supper.
May 29. Did some work in laboratory then busied myself with further study of testimony of Goodwin case . vs. Eastman
[[margin - Goodwin - Eastman suit]]
Lovejoy told that formula of their dope was prior to Dec. 16 1902
[[lanylin]] acetate   5 parts
Fusel oil   15 to 18 parts
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camphor.   3 to 5 parts
Cooper's No. 4   96 parts.
(22 nitro cellulose
74 wood alcohol]
Wood alcohol    30 to 40 parts.
This was used from Feb 1897 until 1902.
From the fall of 1900 until the [[strikethrough]]and [[strikethrough]] 1902 used also the following formula
Fusel oil___ 15 
Camphor       3
Nitro cellulose  [[strikethrough]]75 to 100[[strikethrough]] 22
Mixture of wood
alcohol & acetone
in about equal quantities
[[large bracket facing left encompassing last 3 lines]]   ..75 to 100
These [[strikethrough]]solutions[[strikethrough]] films were always
dried at artificial heat 100[[degree symbol]] F or higher
They avoided dangerous drying nitro cellulose by washing first
with water then pressing out
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