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waste liquor. I intend to apply for a patent for impregnation of wood alone a in conjunction with other antiseptic products. Thought to make a good impregnant because it contains extractive materials which will confer strength and second because it contains products which coagulate albumen and will probably act as an antiseptic.
[[Margin - Soy Beans and sulphite impregnation of wood]]
Wrote to mother and sent check of $100.
[[margin - two short lines]]
June 5. [[strikethrough]]Sunday cold and rainy]]
[[strikethrough]]June 6[[strikethrough]]
[[margin - Sold 200 shares Gas and reinvested in 200 S&R. Con.]]
Went to New York. [[underline]]Charge half day[[underline]] to D. & F. Co. Consultation with Sage. Hooker & differnt work and interview with Mr. Lufbery.
[[margin - 1/2x]]
June 6. Spent [[strikethrough]] half day (charge) at[[strikethrough]]
from 11 A.M to 5:10 P.M. at
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D. & F. Co. [[srikethrough]]Interview with Mr. Lufbery.]
Charge [[strikethrough]]half[[strikethrough]] 2/3 day.
[[Margin - 2/3 / X]]
June 7. Went again to New York.
[[underline]]One half day[[underline]] fully occupied at D. & F. Co. writing foreign letters for patent matter. 
[[margin - 1/2x/
Delivered 100 cps. a 2.50 to Lawrence, Turmue & Co of 5% Cuban Bonds to be cashed in Havana.
June 8. Mr. Griffin came to see me and spent the afternoon with me. Went automobiling. Then in the evening took trolley to New York to the Chemist' Club.
June 9. A few days ago I [[strikethrough]] kept[[strikethrough]] made some experiments to determine antiseptic properties of waste bisulphite liquor. I find that it retards
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