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Cyanerpes, I 1
November 3, 1957
Barro Colorado

I have a pair of [[underlined]]C. cyaneus[[underlined]], here, given me by Mrs. [[Marciay?]] 
♂ white ring, left leg
♀ yellow ring, right leg
These are quite tame and settling down quite well. Haven't shown very much behavior as yet, however
When they are disturbed by me, they fly around quite a bit, landing here, there, and everywhere.  Generally standing in a variety of unritualized, sleek; elongate postures. When landed, the crown feathers of the ♂ are sometimes sleek, but more often ruffled (CR).  Sometimes these feathers go up & down repeatedly quite frequently.  The ruffling is almost strictly confined to the turquoise feathers on top of crown, sometimes involving a few of the sapphire feathers of the nape.
Both ♂ & ♀ sometimes utter a single, loud, rather harsh "cheep" when flying around. Bill opens & closes. It's noticeable, however, that this call note (CN) is not uttered nearly as frequently as the equivalent CN's of the Goldfinches or Estrildines. (The CN's of the Euphonias are equally rare.)
Sometimes; when one bird of the pair lands beside the other, one (usually not the landing bird) or both give a brief display, probably still low intensity. Most of the
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