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Cyanerpes< Nov 3, 1957 II     (2)

[[continue three-line and squiggle highlighting]]
cases I have seent today have been by the [[male symbol]]
   He is usually sitting fairly relaxed, i.e. with breast &belly feathers moderately fluffed, looking dumpy -- but also with CD (at least sometimes)
   The then suddenly points his bill up, (without usually stretching his neck up) and utters a soft, whispering wheezy call (WR)  This
[[an illustration of the bird is on the left hand side of this text]]
is most frequently composed of three notes  
Might perhap be transcribed as "Wheeoo wheeoo wheeoo" or "Wheeee wheee wheeoo"; with sometimes one or two more similar but briefer notes tacked on at the end  Bill certainly opened during the call, I think opened &closed with notes
   Several times, during this performance, the [male symbol] held his wings out slightly and quickly fluttered them.
   I have seen the [female symbol] give the same performance, without the wing flutter.
   Several times, when a [male symbol] gave this performance when a [[female symbol]] landed beside him, she quckly turned & jabbed at him with her bill.  I don't know whether it was his performance that triggered her off; but it certainly looked like it
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   In general it either bird is dominant, I would say it is the [[female symbol]]
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[[begin three-line and squiggle highlighting]]
   I think that CR may be a generalized sign of moder-
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