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Cyanerpes Nov. 4, 1957, II 5

the ♀ does CR much less frequently than the ♂
I have seen the ♀ do quite a lot more G this morning. Not quite the same as the G's of the Euphonias in all respects given from an ordinary unritualized but rather aggressive head-forward posture, sometimes in association with jabbing; or even, apparently, from a slight BU. Sometimes bill very wide open; but usually only moderate
I rather tend to the opinion that this is really low intensity or a variant of Wh ―into which it sometimes develops ―or which it sometimes follows.
I have seen & heard both the ♂ and the ♀ do Wh from unritualized postures. The ♂ once did it actually while looking down at the ♀ flying below him.

Cyanerpes, I. November 5, 1957, Barro Colorado

Watched the ♀ perform her G pattern at length during a prolonged and violent dispute with the ♂ Pico Gordo. The ♀ seemed to be rather afraid of the ♂ Pico Gordo, slowly retreating from him the length of the branch on which they were perched; but she also fought back from time with sudden jabs at him. [[underline]] These jabs were frequently accompanied by one or more Wh notes! [[/underline]] The G was practically confined to the slow retreats, or the intervals between successive retreats. Sometimes quite prolonged. Usually given with the bill pointed
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