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of the large pouch shoulder bags is convenient for women; a brief or dispatch case for men. Keep it with you.


This is a vast country, extending across a continent, with traditions, ways of speech and living distinct. Historically, all sections have their own story to tell; in natural wonders and scenery, all sections are individual. 

In the northeast, agriculture and industry have supported large cities and concentrated wealth and trade. Here are historic shrines: Boston and its surrounding area offers the traveler many sites filled with memories of the early settlement of the United States and of the American Revolution and is the home of Harvard University, oldest in the United States. New York, that vast and thriving seaport at the mouth of the Hudson River, largest city of the the world, with its skyscrapers is unique. International center of finance and culture, it is also the home of the United Nations. Philadelphia, with its Liberty Bell and historical and quaint buildings, is not only one of the largest cities of our country, but, with New York, was one of our early capitals. Here our Constitution was written, here Benjamin Franklin lived. Throughout all the states of the region, sports of all kinds; vacation spots to satisfy every individual taste abound.

The Southeast again is dotted with historic sites and magnificent scenery. Here developed the plantation system based on tobacco and cotton dependent on slaver in its early stages, the slavery which was to bring on one of the great and tragic struggles of the world, our Civil War. In the northern part of this section is Washington, our national capital, said to be one of the most beautifully laid out cities in the world. Government buildings, national monuments and shrines, museums, art galleries, draw visitors year around. Williamsburg, faithfully restored, reflects the life of colonial America; St. Augustine,


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the oldest of our cities, holds memories and monuments of Spanish occupation; New Orleans, at the mouth of the Mississippi, while really in the region of the central part of the country, belongs to the Old South. It is famous for its Mardi Gras; its French-Spanish history; its fine cookery. Florida, internationally famed playground, offers sports of all kinds, winter and summer, and beautiful beaches. 

From the Alleghenies to the Rockies stretch the great plains of the United States. This is the breadbasket of the country, with its wheat and cornfields golden in the harvest. In the southern section, oil, black gold, flows out of the ground, bringing riches and power for industry. Cotton, too, forms one of the basic crops. The plains of the western and southern half of this section support the large and flourishing cattle industry. 

Underneath the northeastern part of our Middle West and overlapping into the east, occur the great coal beds which supply industry and the people with fuel, power and light. Here, too, is old; and around the Great Lakes are rich iron ore deposits. 

The cities of this vast region are many and modern: Chicago, the Great Lakes seaport, capable of being linked by a chain of lake and river waterways to the Atlantic; Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Minneapolis, amoung others, great industrial and agricultural centers, with their products of automobiles, planes, grains, and other products; Fort Worth, city of the Texas cattle industry, with its annual rodeo; Dallas, combining industry and cattle; Houston, tidewater port of the Gulf of Mexico, the largest cotton shipping center in the United States, the largest oil shipping port in the world. 

The southwest, settled first by Spain, with its chain of  missions, is romantic and spectacular. here lie the great American deserts; the towering Rocky Mountains; the Grand Canyon; Death Valley; the ghost towns of the silver and gold booms. Here, also, in California, lies the great Imperial Valley, noted for its luscious citrus fruits. Here is a huge mining and cattle industry. Here, also, is another vacation land such as on the east coast,