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with beautiful beaches, mountain lakes, sunner desert oases. And here, too, lies the great movie industry center. 

Among the cities of interst in this section are: Salt Lake City, home of the Mormon faith; Los Angeles-Hollywood, of movie fame, Denver, in the mining country; Sante Fe, historic end of the Sante Fe Trail, and a center of art and Indian lore of the southwest. 

The northwest, in which we inclue Northern California, again has much to offer the traveler in beautiful scenery and historic sites. This is a cattle country; a dairy country; a great agriculture country; a great lumber country; a great mining country. In Oregon came to an end of the famous Oregon Trail, blazed by Lewis and Clark, later the highway to the northwest. In northern California occurred one of the most famous of the gold rushes of history; and one of the most disastrous earthquakes. Along the Pacific Coast is one of the great scenic highways of the world running through scenes of incomparable beauty. 

The cities of this region are modern and prosperous: San Francisco, important in the Gold Rush, with its beautiful harbor entered through the Golden Gate, is an important naval base and commercial port, and uniquely interesting and beautiful; Berkeley, site of the largest of our universities, the University of California; Portland, Oregon, City of Roses; Seattle, Washington, great port and shipping center. 

The two newest states to be admitted to our union are Alaska and Hawaii. One known as 'Seward's Folly' after the Secretary of State who was instrumental in purchasing it, Alaska has become one of the most valuable possesssions of the United States. It is noted for its fishing and seal industries; for its mines; for its fertile soil. It is also noted for its spectacular scenery: high snowcapped peaks of the Rockies; huge glaciers; flower covered valleys; immense snowfields. In its comparatively small area the climate ranges from the intense cold of the 


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polar regions to the more moderate of the north temperate zones. Alaska is one of the last frontiers of our coutnry and an outpost of our defense. It has had a colorful history; and has today a cosmopolitan population. It may be reached by boat, plane, or the Alcan Highway.

Juneau, its capital, is in the mining district; Fairbanks, a modern town in a mining and agricultural district is the seat of the University of Alaska; Ketchikan, the southernmost town, is the center of the copper, gold, silver and platinum mining district. 

The Hawaiian, or Sandwich Islands, are a mid-Pacific chain, centrally distand form four continents. These are tropical islands, dominated by mountain ranges, many peaks of which are volcanoes. The trees and plants are tropical. The native Hawaiians are of the brown races of the Pacific. In this land, sugar and pineapple reign. 

The beautiful scenery, exotic atmosphere, friendly people, make Hawaii and ideal vacation spot. Surf riding, one of the unique sports of Hawaii, is an exciting atrraction. Honolulu, on the inland of Oahu, is the principal city and port. It offers excellent hotels, shops, beautiful beaches and a well-planned tourist program.

OUR NATIONAL PARKS. Our National Park System is administered through our National Park Service, which has constructed roads, trails, and free public campsites where necessary throughout the areas of the country coming under its control. Other facilities, such as hotels, lodges, cabins, and bus transportation are provided by private concessionaires. Rangers provide protection to the parks; guides are available, naturalists or historians give talks and conduct tours. Fishing is allowed in some areas, governed by state laws and licenses, but hunting is not permitted. Information concerning the parks may be obtained from the Superintendent of the particular area or from the Director, National Park Service, United States Department of the