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[[underline]] 1864 [[/underline]]
[[underline]] Jan. [[/underline]]     
the door was burst open & in walked the bear  He had broken his chain pulled out the plug of a barrel of wine drank until intoxicated & then concluded to join the party upstairs  The members thereof objecting to his company speedily dispersed. With other similar stories Mrs. A amused us until bed time.
12th [[underlined]] Tues. [[/underline]] 
Went this morning to the Freedman's city. This is a regular village built by Government for the contrabands  we found them in comfortable little houses with a school chapel & home for the infirm an aged. Prof A. lectured in the evening on Glaciers. The house was crowded.  a number of people came in after the lecture Among them Mr. Lesboa [[A.tenbu..eyer? or Ashkenazy??]] & the Austrian minister. [[A.tenbu..eyer? or Ashkenazy??]] said his name meant the head of an ass, but that animal was not as [[des%?]] in his courts as with us.
13th. [[underline]] Wed. [[/underline]] 
Called first at Mrs Barnards then at Mrs. Sewards, then at Mrs. Chase's then went to the Capitol  Mr. Davis was defending himself from the charge of treason. He might better have been quiet for instead of refuting the charges 
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[[underline]] 1864 [[/underline]]
[[underline]] Jan. [[/underline]]     
made against him with proper dignity he only indulged in vulgar abuse of his opponents. Another lecture from Prof Agassiz in the evening. 
15th. Friday. Another lecture from Prof. Agassiz. He had described the cold period of the world when the earth was covered with ice but had to appeal to Father for the cause thereof. Father said it was caused by the ejection of an immense quantity of volcanic material into the ocean producing an immense amount of vapor which was condenses for centuries into snow.
16th. Sat. The Agassizs left us to day. They were the last except Jane Torrey of our pleasant party. The next meeting of the Academy is to be held at New Haven.
25th. Went yesterday evening with Father to bid Mary Felton good bye she leaves the Hospital to day. We heard some of the men sing. Father was very gloomy again about the state of the country  [[blank space]] one of the regents [[walked?]] home from church with him he said our money was depreciating so rapidly it would soon be worth little or nothing.
26th. Tuesday  A meeting of the Regents last evening. We were in the parlor when they came in for supper. The Vice President, Dr. Bache
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