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miserable tents In the first of these we found the surgeon a fine looking [[officer?]] who had been left in charge of them  His frank noble undaunted bearing interested us greatly, We asked if he was a prisoner. He said he thought he ought not to be considered such as he had volunteered to remain with the wounded  His dress was rough & worn but he proved an exception to the rule that a taylor makes a gentleman. We asked if they had food. He answered proudly enough had been left to supply their wants up to that time. In the next tent two poor fellows lay shot through the head  One seem to be dying  He lay with his eyes closed breathing heavily  His features were delicate & regular & his forehead where the [[fire?]] had not reached it as fair as a girls. They both lay on the ground with only a little hay under them a bright looking little fellow was switching off the flys. We asked him if he had had enough to eat  Yes he answered merrily we always have that around you most [[?]] of the [[?]] up here [[end page]]

[[start page]] We left the two poor unconcious fellows with heavy hearts. There were 8 or ten in the next tent - one badly wounded in the leg but looking happy & contented as he lay on the grass switching away the flys with a spray of leaves. Outside the tent was a merry little officer one of [[those?]] who had volunteered to take charge of the wounded  He cut off his rebel buttons for us & when we objected said with a laugh he would capture [[underline]] some union ones. How long do you think it will take to make me a good union man he asked of a bystander. A great while I should think said the person addressed as you say you would shoot your own Father were he on this side. Near the next tent a poor fellow was pouring water over a wound in his head, by him was another of the volunteer nurses  He said he had remained because he could not leave his Lieut. & asked us to go into the tent to see him. He was lying on a blanket with clean linen & shaved [[strikethrough]] a strong contrast to the [[strikethrough]] his appearance in strong contrast