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July 19
Many admiring glances were cast upon her as we rode along. She is amiable & exceedingly desirous as she says that every one should love her. Only she added naively I wish it sometimes & try for it so hard I defeat my own object  The President has ordered another draft of 500 000 men  Atlanta Georgia said to be taken by the Southerners. Johnson in command of the rebel forces.
20th Wed. The papers are down upon Hunter for his neglect to defend the Shenendoah valley  He had been intrusted with the guardianship of this great highway of Virginia but left it to make an attack upon Lynchburg  He burned a number of bridges &c. but was to slow in his movements to take the place. The reble learned his approach & were reinforced [[before ?]] he reached it. He was obliged to retreat before them & instead of stopping in the Shenendoah valley passed into western Virginia leaving said valley open to the enemy who abandoned the pursuit & maid the raid into Maryland which has caused such excitement. Gen [[end page]]

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July 20
Sigel was at Martinsburg but his force was very small & would have been captured if he had not anticipated the movements of the enemy. Gen Hunter in his retreat from Lynchburg, burned the Military Institute at Lexington with its valuable library & chemical apparatus. Gov Letcher's house was also destroyed by order of the Gen. Mrs Letcher only being allowed 10 min to save a few articles of clothing  The Sacking of Washington College was done with his knowledge & permission though not exactly by his order. The lady principal came to him & intreated him to interfere but received a preemptory refusal. The North is very indignant at the supineness of the Government in not preventing the repeated raids of the rebels. The pursuit has been abandoned. They escaped through Ashby's Gap last Friday Their train was more [[than?]] mile long  long trains of cattle & other booty [[had?]] been sent before them  The new Sec. Mr. Fessenden appointed in place of Sec. Chase seems to be already in difficulty. He went to N.Y. to negociate