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July 22nd
a loan of [[9?]]0 000,000 but has failed
22nd Yesterday [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] Col. ___ came to see Father who said he had just returned from Richmond. He had gone there in his own private capacity to endeavor to make peace.  The President had given him a letter to Ge. Grant who passed him through the lines. He had an interview with Jef. Davis represented to him that the North was fighting for what it considered a question of vital importance to the Government of the country but that there was much kindly feeling for the South & that money & food would be sent to them immediately if peace were concluded. President Davis told him, he knew the loss of life & property had been immense in this war & could not be too much [[regretted?]]  He had done all in his power to prevent the outbreak of the rebellion but that now no peace could be concluded without the recognicion of the Southern Confederacy. Their forces were in condition They had killed more of the [[Northerners?]] than their [[?]] [[end page]]

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numbered. He believed fully that they would be successful. He pressed his warmly at parting and assured him the effort he had made had been truly appreciated. Davis looked well, better even than when he left Wash. but had lost one of his eyes from disease of the ^ optical nerve. Col. ____ was accompanied in his benevolent expedition by [[?] the author.
The rebels or a small part of them have been attacked near Snickers Gap & obliged to destroy some of their plunder.  Sec. Fessenden having failed to obtain a loan from the banks is endeavoring to negociate one with the citizens. Gold 262. The Englishman called to say good bye. If he at all represents the English people they are not very favorable to the North.
23rd Sat.  The Northern papers still down upon the Administration for the late raid. Great mortification felt & want of confidence in the power of the Government to put down the rebellion  Another [[underline]] informal [[/underline]] effort made for peace by J N Sanders