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Teach me
To feel another’s woe

“Sweet is the murmur of the gale
	That whispers thro' the summer’s grove;
Soft is the tone of friendship’s tale,
	And softer still the voice of love:
Yet softer far tears that flow
To mourn – to sooth another’s Woe.!”

“Richer than richest diadem
	That glitters on the monarch’s brow;
Purer than ocean’s purest gem
	Or all that wealth and art can show-
The drop that swells in pity’s eye,
The pearl of sensibility.”

“Is there a spark in earthly mould,
	Fraught with one ray of Heavenly fire?
Does man one trait of virtue hold,
	That even angels must admire?
That spark is Pity’s radiant glow;
That trait the tear for other’s woe!;”

“To sink in nature’s last decay,
	Without a friend to mourn the fall –
To mark its embers die away,
	Deplor’d by none-unwept by all –
This – this is sorrows deadliest curse,
Nor hate, nor hell, can form a worse!”