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Soldier’s Grave

Ah! who shall deck the soldier’s grave,
	Ah! who shall ring the soldier’s knell,
Who far beyond the distant wave,
	Fell for his country – bravely fell!

Far, far from all he lov’d most dear,
	From scenes where first he drew his breath,
The soldier goes, uncheck’d by fear,
	In glory’s cause to meet his death.

What though no trophies grace his bier, 
	And though no stone the spot shall tell,
Each feeling heart will prompt the tear,
	For him who for his country fell.

And though no sculptur’d marble’s there,
	The spot from careless tread to save
The dew’s of Heaven, and wild  flowers fair,
	Will sweetly deck the soldier’s grave.


Celestial happiness! when’e’er she stoops.
To visit earth, one shrine the goddess finds;
*                                         *
For absent - heav’n the bosom of a friend;
Where heart meets heart, recriprocally soft, 
Each other’s pillow to repose divine – Young.

	*And one alone, to make her sweet amends,