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TO. -

"Oh come and with thy cheering smile,
   Again my lonely hours beguile,
Oh! come and with thy cheering voice,
   Bid my desponding heart rejoice;
For in thy presence still can I,
   The thoughts of wordly wo defy.

Thy presence can a balm impart,
   To sooth the sorrows of my heart;
And even hiding them from thee,
   Contains a secret joy for me;
Thy friendship seems a gift from Heaven,
How rare the boon, how kindly given!"


"No blessing of life is any way comparable to the enjoyment of a virtuous friend, - it eases and unloads the mind, and clears and improves the understanding; engenders thought and knowledge, animates virtue and good resolutions; soothes and allays the passions and finds employments for most of the vacant hours" of life. -

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"Judge best [[?]] one friendship then confide till death."

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