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[[first column]]
A wonderful collection of early aviation history. AMB [[allatine]] Secratery  Royal Aeronautical Society [[[Holyand]] 29th Jan 1958.

This Book is to Air History What the Gutenberg Bible is to [[Painting]]
       Rev. William B. Adams
       Chaplain U.S. Air Force

Une des plus belles et des plus completes collections de pieces [[autoentiques]] sur les d├ębuts de l'aviation [[French quote]]

This collection of priceless gems from the beginnings of the air age must, for the benefit of posterity, be preserved, published, and made available to all people in all nations 
      [[H Victory]]
      Exec. Secy. NACA

A marvelous history of men who were not content to stay on the flat earth.

Probably the most complete book on ballooning history in the world - A great aeronautical Treasure secured because of John [[Carruther's]] vigilance and knowledge of aeronautical history;

This must be on of the most valuable collections known.

Documentation historique d'une grande [[valeur]], dont les [[dirnius]] pages sont pour moi en souvenir [[particulierment emourant]] [[ French quote]]

Roy [[Knabinshue]] April 20 - 1955
wonderful publication

A rare privilege to pay homage to Dr. Carruthers for compiling this magnificent documentation of air History.
A most interesting book!

Without question, a most remarkable documentation and should be preserved to all time-

The treasures of a lifetime of collecting,-
A treasure of my life to have seen it,-
It should be made available for many to see in the National Air Museum
     [[Paul]] [[Edw.]]Garber
     Head Curator. 6/21/'59.

[[second column]]

[[signature Pat Lanfeld]]
Peter Brookes
(Cdr. R.M. Bloch, Res. & Dev., Fr. Naval Aviation)

Mrs George (Rex) O. [[Noville]]

Frank [[T]] Courtney
F.A.I. License No. 874.
August 1914

[[signature Lester D. [[Pravdenon]] ]]

R.L. Preston Royal Aero Club of U.K.
[[signature K. Bartlett]]
[[signature]] [[?]] Iceland

We ought to be grateful that this precious book is in the hands of Dr. [[Carruthers]] [[signature C Koeff]]

[[Robt]] R. Nichols
Philip S Hopkins
Paul [[H Eriksen]] 
Thomas [[Quinus]] Beesley
This book must [[live]] and inspire!

[[signature]] [[?]] Sept - 11 1971

[[oval stamp Smithsonian Library]]