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The Dolphin Carried off
a Dream

it is well known that in the year 1783 nothing was to be heard of in France but the new discovery [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] made by [[Mongolfier]] - no other topick of conversation than Balloons and aerostatic machines; nay it had been announced for a certainty that very soon Mortals should be seen flying [[strikethrough]][[?]][[/strikethrough]] aloft in air.[[superscript]]I.

on a certain day the heavy hand of sleep had sealed fast my eyes, the light forsook me - my imagination was soon wrapped up in night

I began to dream [[superscript]] 2. that I was in the midst of a crowd where all shewed the most anxious eagerness [[eagernefs]] to see a huge Balloon or AErostatic globe, just ready to take its flight into the regions of Air; but in vain did they endeavor to find a man bold enough to expose himself on this fickle Element.

I instantly felt a burning desire to mount the first - this desire ferments in my sleeping head - I see this chariot which attracts the eyes of all - I break thro' the crowd - I beg, I pray - my request is granted, and up I spring toward the celestial spaces.

I was now at the height of my wishes; in my ecstasy I [[strikethrough]][[?]][[/strikethrough]] exclaimed: now am I delivered from that odious globe below where I so often suffered such torments! - in the mean time a fresh wind wafts me on high; I begin to describe a great circle; I approach with terror the tremendous arch; already my eyes spy nothing else than moving plains; my weight encreases - on the Summit of my wheel, I am troubled, uneasy; I advance at a great rate without knowing whither - how many others would have bewildered themselves in such mazes - three parts of the journey are already over I had not perceived it.

with what sorrows alas! did I feel myself convinced that after Elevation we must always expect a fall! [[?]] I have recourse to my skill: I [[servive]] the heat of any furnace; I take another spring; but I strugled on an immense ocean: my means were inadequate: I was going fast to the bottom.

as I declined, I spied some objects as if commanding [[ver]] + the waters: they looked like rocks of azure and Diamonds. I had it not in my power to avoid them. I thought I was arriving at Neptune's Palace, instead of [[strikethrough]][[then]][[/strikethrough]] reaching the habitation of the moon [[super script]]3. 

at length my cloud comes softly down: I find myself seated to my great surprise, on the azure back of a