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a young and beautiful Dolphin; for a most lucky hazard had brought me to the court of the first of the seagods: they spoke my native tongue; I thought myself in France. were I to relate here all that I saw in that place, every one would cry out: "we already know all that. [[superscript]]4. but it is much more prudent to get out of this spot, for it is rather slippery. 

I perceived with Joy that my sudden arrival had given no offence to their Lordships the Fish. I found their beneficent dispositions were proportioned to their former power, and that they only spread their strong fins for the meeting and reception of the unfortunate; they much admired my new vehicle: I saw they wished to know my strange adventure. - one at length asked me how I had been able to make may way through such immense spaces; and above all, why with such means, I had not yet found a method for steering my course.

I began by returning many thanks to their Lordships__ then recovering a little from my fright, I added; My Lords had you been spectators of the brilliant success with which I entered on this sublime career, you would perhaps, like myself, have placed the greatest confidence in my bold attempt; and if Men had not some reliance on chance and fortuitous events they would never undertake any thing, at least any thing of moments.

you must then know My Ld. that tired of the Evils which cover the face of the Earth, where Mortals wage eternal war against each other. I expected, by means of these new experiments, to meet Jacob's Ladder. - some genius; no doubt, inspired and guided me. ~ my hopes are not quite fruitless as I am allowed to appear in presence of your Lordships. I thought, but in vain, to Soar to the celestial mansions - now I am come down to the liquid Empire - this awful sight still fills me with terror.

prostrate before your Lords., I beseech you to grant me an asylum or to accept my humble services as a mark of my gratitude.

"most willingly replied the first - " but tell us, pray, what is that globe so rumpled, so squashed over thy head?" that indeed you shall know, answered I, if your Majesty will deign to accompany me, and be my guide."