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of these I offer a faint image as well in this trifling object of my occupations, as in the other works of a more serious nature. [[superscript]] 6. in fine I have endeavored to give some degree of reality to my Reveries as will be seen by my publishing [[strikethrough]]the following[[/strikethrough]] other works.
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Note 1. would to god this faculty could be granted exclusively to Innocence.
N. 2. in such cases people often imagine that they fly in the air very high or are carried rapidly down towards the deep.
N. 3. I had crossed the British Channel, and did not know that I was then on the River Seine.
N. 4. but what is saw there was only in imagination: matters are changed: what are we to expect hereafter!!
N. 5. alluding to a political Claim which the Viscount de... had presented to the King before the Revolution.
N. 6. the Viscount de... is author of the Political, historical, moral essays or Memoirs, Journals, Romances etc which are in the hands of his Printers Messr. Spilsbury, [[underline]]Snow hill[[/underline]], since the month of June last, in 6 volumes in 8[[superscript]]vo[[/superscript]]; the first has already appeared by subscription, for one guinea payable at the beginning or end of the year as the subscribers shall think proper, according to the terms of the Prospectus.

this pamphlet is a work unconnected with the rest.