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7-3-58 Zippy fell from top hole
7-3-58-Hummingbird moth
       Brought "Zippy" in
7-4-58  Hot and humid
        Gold finch
Blue Jay    Chimney Swifts
Martins     Thrashers
Song sparrows  2 Catbird
Mocking birds  Robins
Cardinals  Eng. Sparrows
Grackles  Starlings
King bird  Wren house
Doves   Pigeon (overhead)
Chipping Sparrow  Killdeer
  Towhee + Wood Thrush across Rochester
3 Doves  Chipping Sp.
Bluebird singing  Martins
Song Sps.  1 Titmouse
Ch. Swifts  Towhee in distance.
4 cowbird