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[[underline]]8-3-58[[\underline]] continued
adult cardinals 2 m & 2 f
"White tail" dove
16 Martins on Martin house
Hummingbird  - Song sps.

Grackle at SE Feeder
Martins still here
3 young cardinals 1 at d.r. window
3 doves
*Flicker, prob. young, as red
spot on head was a wash;
[underline]]at fallen cherry[[\underline]] tree &
basem. landing & all over
close to house; hopping
all around.
Wren, heard - hgg clothes
Song sparrows
2 Wrens -  going in ^[[& out]] wren house
X No-tail song sp.
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Grackles overhead
Mockers & babies
Eng. sparrows
Starlings Goldfinch
Robin Red-winged Blackbird
[[circled]] 17[[\circled]
8-5-58 - clear, bright, 65-85[[degree symbol]]
[[check mark]] Flicker in back yard,
on house-top; then calling
across cul-de-sac & on
top Evans' house.
* Baltimore Oriole
calling in back yard at
6:50 a.m.
Jays - incl. young
*Barnswallow - across Mabel's lawn head high
2 very mottled cowbirds
1 no-tail song sparrow
Song sparrows
1 small Dove
2 Doves & others
[[check mark]]Chickadee
2 Jays