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2 Catbirds                Grackle
Thrasher[[male symbol]]   Starlings
Engl.Sps.                 Ch. Swifts
P. Martins                 H. Wren
[[red checkmark]] 1 TV soaring NE

5-16-65 Sun. 55[[degree symbol]]-89[[degree symbol]]
Overcast-then clear & 
hot-but wind variable 10-15 ^mph
[[red checkmark]]Blackpoll W.       Jays
[[red checkmark]]Cedar Waxwings     Doves
Mockers                            [[red checkmark]]Sc.Tanager
Cardinals                           [[red checkmark]]G.Cr.Flycatcher
Song Sps.                           O.Oriole [[male symbol]]
H. Wrens
P. Martins
Ch. Swifts
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May 17, 1965-Mon.
Overcast-rain last 

[[red checkmark]]Blackpoll W.
[[red checkmark]]Sc. Tanager
[[red checkmark]]Kingbird
Martins (nest-building)
[[red *]] Carolina Wren
 in yard

May 18, 1965
Real Skyline day!

Blackpoll W.        ^2 Song sps
Gr.-Cr.Flycatcher   Eng     "
2 Thrashers         Grackles
2-3 Crows
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