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Goldfinches   1 TV (soaring South)

5-4-65- Tues 56[[degree symbol]-92[[degree symbol]]
Brilliant day - hot- breeze
5-10 mph SW
[[ red check mark]] C. Waxwings   2 Doves
[[red *]]Yellow Warbler  [[ red check mark]]Kingbird
Field Sp.     Ch. Swifts
8:10 P. Martins 3 at our box   Crows
Grackles      Robins
Cardinals    Song Sps
Mockers     Engl. Sps.
[[ red *]] 2Bald Eagle - J.E.saw at 11:40 AM  Starlings
(flying NNW)            catbirds
[[red check mark]] Fish Crow   Thrashers
[[red *]] Orchard Oriole (S) [[male symbol]] Jays
White Throat 2[[male symbol]]1[[female symbol]] Goldfinch
1 TV soaring N (2:20)  Downy
Titmouse   Cowbird
Chickadee  ^Wood thrush  Veery
[[red *]] Baltimore Oriole calling   3 Wren
[[red *]] Ruby throated Hummingbird je
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"Samantha" - Gebley's duck
5-5-65 Wed  56[[degree symbol]]-74[[degree symbol]]
Mostly overcast - 
White - thr 5[[female symbol]]2[[male symbol]]  Jays
Cardinals     Doves
Mockers      Robins
Song Sps.     Starlings
Catbirds    P. Martins
Thrasher   Ch. Swifts
Grackles     Goldfinches
Engl. Sps.
[[red *]]White -Crowned Sp 2[[male symbol]]
Barn Swallow
[[red check mark]] Orchard Oriole [[red male symbol]]
[[red check mark]] Red belly
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