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[[left margin note]] XII-2-35 [[/margin note]] We got news from the agent today that the Norden will not be here till the 4[[underlined superscript]]th[[/superscript]]. That is worse than I expected. it puts it in the same class with the McCormack boat, and that's no compliment. Finished working on the proof, and wrote a three-page letter to the editor criticizing some of his corrections. I also inserted a new paragraph telling which species was used for the detailed study, and why. Then I wrote Ed and enclosed a letter to Ferrie, asking him to copy the captions from my thesis and mail them to Ed.
We got our Christmas cards several days ago and have finished with them. They must be mailed before the 13[[underlined superscript]]th[[/superscript]] to reach the States by Christmas.
It rained several times again today. Yesterday was a little more sunny than usual. A few minutes quite sufficient here to get one well wetted, and no one would be likely to call the rain "Liquid Sunshine." I was very much surprised to notice in the Handbook the following sentence concerning Balboa in the Canal Zone: "Roads, houses, and offices are all scrupulously clean, and make an Englishman ashamed of the mean and squalid ap[[-]]
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[[-]]pearance of so many towns in the British West Indies."
Upon the map of the island are shown some very nice beaches, but I've been told that those on the east coast are spoiled by their promixity to the very large Nariva Swamp, and those on the western side are quite bare of seaweed, [[strikethrough]] owing [[/strikethrough]] due to the muddy condition of the water. This is due to the Orinoco River in Venezuela, which empties into the Gulf of Paria. Trinidad has an area of 1,862 square miles, and a population of about 340,000. The highest point on the island is Cerro de Aripo (3,085 feet), while the next is Tucuche (3,070 feet). The population of Port of Spain is 64,000. Trinidad holds first place in the British Empire as an oil-producing country.
After dinner we went again to the Globe Theater to see "G-Men." I don't usually care much for James Cagney, but he did very well in this rôle. The theatre has [[strikethrough]]three [[/strikethrough]] four prices 15¢, 36¢, 48¢, and [[strikethrough]] 48 [[/strikethrough]]60¢, the pit, orchestra, balcony, and boxes (loge).  Since we didn't know what we might encounter downstairs, we sat in the balcony, but as there were only six people there altogether, I think we can safely try the other next time.
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