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Puerto Rico 1. [[typed]] 1 [[\typed]]

IX-18-35 Landed today at San Juan, Porto Rico, at about 8 A.M. Had no difficulty with the Immigration Officers, but, for the first time on our trip, had to go through a superficial customs inspection.  The motorcycle had been sent as freight on a Bill of Lading and we waited till after ten for it to be unloaded.  Then I followed the taxi up to the Capital Hotel in [[Santurce?]], a suburb of San Juan. We got a nice room on the third floor.  After lunch we took a bus out to Rio Piedras (15 minutes) to the University of Porto Rico.  There are about five fair-sized buildings, one with a small observatory dome.  We went to the information window in the main building and were much surprised to find that the girl there speaks only Spanish.  We asked for Chardon, but found his office is down in San Juan.  He is Chancellor of the University and also Director of the Puerto Rican Reconstruction Administration.  His office is in the [[Gonzaly?]] [[Padin?]] Bldg.  We took the bus right down there, but didn't know his office number and couldn't find it on the directory.  So we had some ice cream at the bar and came home.  After dinner we went for a short walk, and when we returned I went out to look at the motorcycle.  I found