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and also a little about the roads and the collecting. He offered to loan the very few specimens of Staphylinidae in the collection, and showed me the collecting notes on them. Then he drove us back to town and showed us the Headquarters of the Forest Service.
[[left margin note]] IX-21-35 [[end margin note]] Went to town in the morning to get a couple of maps from the Dept. of Interior. There is a charge for the maps of the island, and the one of the city is "for official use only." So I decided to wait till Monday till I could see the Superintendant in charge. Went to the bank to cash the rest of our Traveler's Cheques, and asked if I will have any difficulty cashing a U. S. Treasury check later on. They think not, as they will know me and I'll have other identification.
In the afternoon I took the sidecar off the motorcycle and tried to find a repair shop. I stopped a motorcycle cop and asked him where to go, but he couldn't understand any English. We found an interpreter in a Gas Station, and I was told to go to the garage of the Insular Police, on Monday!
[[left margin notation]] IX-22-35 [[end margin note]] Sunday. It rained most of the day, so I couldn't go out on the motorcycle. We stayed in our room all day.
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[[left margin note]] IX-23-35 [[end margin note]] Went to garage of Insular Police and was sent back to Headquarters for authority. There I was told there was a Harley-Davidson agency in town, - Bailey's Motor Service, Inc. I went there and was very favorably impressed. Left the motor all afternoon and overnight. On radio heard of a hurricane in Lesser Antilles, headed this way. Not much worried!
[[left margin notation]] IX-24-35 [[end margin note]] Spent most of the day at the garage. Had a very hard time finding out what caused one cylinder to miss continually. Scraped carbon, ground valves, replaced condenser, coil, and battery, without result.
[[left margin note]] IX-25-35 [[end margin note]] It rained fitfully all day. Managed between rains to get out to Rio Piedras to the Forest Service Headquarters. Talked with Mr. Geo. A. Gerhart, Asst. for Superv. He said that I could stay at the camp on El Yunque, and that the road was completed beyond the divide. He promised to give me a letter to the superintendant, and gave me a map of Luquillo National Forest. On Monday I went to the Superintendant at the Dept of the Interior and got copies of the blue print map of the island and a map of San Juan and Santurce. More work on the motorcycle. Left it at the garage for the night.
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