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[[stamped page number]] 6 [[\stamp]] Puerto Rico 6.
[[in margin]] IX-26-35 [[\in margin]] More rain. Got motor fixed finally, and paid a bill of over twenty dollars.
[[in margin]] IX-27-35 [[\in margin]] Took sidecar down for a few little adjustments. Then left sidecar at the garage to be stored for $1.00 a month, and rode out along the road to Bayamon. Was caught in a heavy shower, but dried out quickly. No collecting.
[[in margin]] IX-28-35 [[\in margin]] Rode out through Rio Piedras and La Muda almost to Caguas, found no place to collect so returned by way of La Muda, Guaynabo, and Rio Piedras. Drove out east of San Juan just past the city limits to a place on the beach where there is a large pile of dead shells. Found a few Staphs.
[[underline]]Station 43.[[\underline]]
[[in margin]]C. A[[\margin]] 
Beach near San Juan, P.R. Under dead shells, about ten ^[[(12)]] [[insertion is written in pencil]] Staphs and two Histerids.
Along the road a short ways from the beach
[[in margin]] B [[\margin]] was a pasture. The dung yielded quite a few ^[[(18)]] [[insertion is written in pencil]] Staphs, [[underline]]Aphodius[[\underline]], and Sphaeridiinae.
[[in margin]] IX-29-35 [[\in margin]] Sunday. Rode out on the road to Bayamon to the first hills on the west side of San Juan Bay. [[underline]]Station 44.[[\underline]]
The west edge of San Juan Bay. A roadway along a row of steep hills.
Got a fair series of Staphs, [[underline]]Aphodius[[\underline]], and Sphaeridiinae as before. There were several species of [[underline]]Aphodius[[\underline]], and more kinds of Staphs.
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[[stamped page number]] 7 [[\stamp]]

In dung that was completely overgrown with roots of mushrooms, found some Myriapods and one or two small beetles.
In the afternoon Ruth and I walked along the beach. I half-heartedly looked for beetles under
[[in margin]]Sta.43.A.[[\in margin]] the seaweed. I found a little brown Carabid (?) and that inspired me to look further. Then I found a [[strikethrough]] found a [[\strikethrough]] Staph that seems to be a [[underline]] Cafius [[\underline]]. In an hour or two I got a large series 
[[in margin, underlined]] 19 Staphs [[\in margin]] of the Carabid, perhaps a dozen of the [[underline]] Cafius [[\underline]], and two other small species of Staphs. This is station 43 as before, though taken nearer town. Ruth started a collection of small shells.
[[in margin]] IX-30-35 [[\in margin]]
Rode out through Bayamon to Toa Baja and Toa Alta. Stopped to collect at
[[underline]] Station 45.[[\underline]]
A pasture along the Rio Plata just below Toa Alta at the highway bridge.
Had fair success with ^[[(92)]] [[insertion is in pencil]] Staphs, [[underline]]Aphodius[[\underline]], Histerids, and Sphaeridiinae, but found no [[underline]] Canthon [[\underline]] or larger dung beetles. There were four or five Staphs of larger size - 1/2 inch, that are probably [[Xantholiriinae?]]. Bueno! Got a letter from Oakley in Mayaguez inviting me to come there. Spent the afternoon repacking the sidecar and fixing equipment for the trip tomorrow.
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