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[[left-hand page]]
[[printed]] 12 [[/printed]]
Puerto Rico 12.
[[in margin]] X-4-35 [[/in margin]] With Mr. Oakley and Dr. Bartlett, who is the one who receives parasites from other countries and liberates them, I started for the mountains north of Ponce.
[[underline]] Station 48. [[/underline]]
4 miles southeast of Adjuntas, on hill at about 3000 feet, and a hill along road from 
[[in margin, in back ink]] A [[/in margin]]
there to Jayuya. ^ [[Stump - {{underline}} 4 Staphs {{/underline}}]] 
[[in margin, written in pencil.]] D [[/strikethrough]] B [[/strikethrough]] Found a large shelf-fungus, but it contained
[[margin, written in pencil and struck through]] 4 [[underline]] Staphs [[/underline]] 
only a small Scarab or Scolytid, in ^ [[fair]]numbers.
[[in margin]] C [[in margin]]In dung ^[[(65)]]  obtained a good series of several spe 
[[in margin, written in pencil, underlined]]  1 Staph [[/underlined margin note]] cies by spreading out the dirt beneath on a cloth and using an aspirator. There were many of the very tiny (2/3 to 1 mm.) beetles, and some of them may be ^[[(4)]] Staphs. Found none of the Coprinae. Oakley says they occur only on the [[underline]] top [[/underline]] of the hill, and I didn't have time to get that far.
In the meantime Bartlett w[[h]]ent on to Adjuntas to release some parasites, and Oakley went along to get Staphs at [[underline]] Station 49, [[/underline]]
4 miles west of Adjuntas. 3000 feet. 
Oakley collected in dung here. ^[[22 Staphs]] [[insertion is underlined]] 
We then drove to Jayuya on business and on the return stopped to pick up a large
[[in margin, in black ink]] Sta. 48. B. [[/in margin]]
number of small fungi growing on a bank.

[[right-hand PAGE]]
[[printed]] 13 [[\printed]]
This was at kilometer 10 from the [[strikethrough]] Pon [[\strikethrough]] intersection with the Ponce-Adjuntas road, but is regarded as the same locality at Station 48. Because of lack of time I put the fungus in a paper sack and took it home to open later. On the way home we ran out of gas and coasted most of the way to Ponce. We also stopped there to get some ice cream as it was past dinner-time. Twas the best ice cream I've had since we left the States, I think.
[[in margin]] X-5-35 [[\in margin]] Collected on Station grounds for an hour or two with Mr. Oakley. Dr. Dozier was expected to go with me, but apparently was displeased that he hadn't been asked to be the guide on the previous days.
[[underline]] Station 50. [[\underline]]
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The grounds of the
[[in margin, in black ink]] A [[/in margin]]
Agricultural Experiment Station. Dung ^[[A]],
[[in margin, in black ink]] B, C, D. [[/in margin]] rotten ^[[B]] fruit, cacao ^[[C]] pods, and flying ^[[D]].
In rotten fruit were several Nitidulids, about three species ^[[(54)]] [[insertion written in pencil]] of Staphs at one place and several additional at another (including a large series of [[underline]] Osorius [[/underline]]). In cacao pods (which were scarce) found only [[underline]] one Osorius [[/underline]] and one Scolytid. In rubbish under a chicken roost found one small Scarab and one other beetle that Oakley thinks belongs to a new family. In cow dung was