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[[stamped page number]] 14 [[\stamp]]
Puerto Rico 14.

found ^[[(131)]] [[insertion written in pencil]] Staphs, Hisferids, Scarabs, and several other beetles.  Flying were two Lampyrids, 
[[left margin note, written in pencil and underlined]] 1 Staph [[end margin note]] an [[underline]] Agabus [[/underline]] , a green Carabid, a small Scarab, and a Chrysomelid.  Mr. Oakley presented me with 19 Staphs taken at Mayaguez on IX-23-35 under dung by H.L. Dozier.
After lunch with the Oakley's, I started back for San Juan.  Made the trip in four hours.  Ran over one dog, but had no other mishaps.
[[left margin note]] X-6-35 [[end margin note]] Went for a walk on the beach.  Collected under seaweed but found only one Staph - a Tachyporine. A small Scarab (?) was common in the sand to a depth of six inches.  The brown and black Carabids were also common again. Opened the bag of fungus collected near Jayuya.  Found a large number of small 
[[left margin note, written in pencil and underlined]] (805) [[end margin note]] Staphs of two or three species (only one common), many Scolytids, and a few Pseudoscorpions.
At the club met Mr. W.P. Awrey, an inspector of the Bureau of Plant Quarantine here.
[[left margin note]] X-7-35 [[end margin note]] Went to National City Bank to cash check for $900 which came from Dorsey [[strikethrough]]last[[/strikethrough]] yesterday.  There was no trouble about it.  Then I went over to the Ochoa Bldg. to the Bureau of Plant Quarantine.  I met Mr. McCubbin, the chief, and then Mr. Mills, one of the inspectors.  Mills
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showed me the very small collection of insects, and arranged to take me out with him in the afternoon. After lunch he came by and we drove out a few kilometers past Bayamon to a [[strikethrough]] pineapple [[/strikethrough]] grapefruit packing plant where the cull-pile seemed to offer possibilities.
[[underline]] Station 51. [[/underline]]
5 miles west of Bayamon. The cull-pile of a [[strikethrough]] pineapple [[/strikethrough]] grapefruit packing plant. Fruit in all stages of decay. Found about three ^[[(5)]] [[insertion written in pencil]] Staphs (only 2 species), many Nitidulids, a Forficielid, and a large series of some oval beetle. Were stopped after ten minutes by a heavy rain. Drove back to Bayamon and along a road southward for several kilometers.
[[underline]] Station 52. [[/underline]]
2 miles southwest of Bayamon. A pasture overgrown with grass. A few ^[[(13)]] [[insertion written in pencil]] Staphs and Sphaeridiinae, and an [[underline]] Aphodius [[/underline]].
On way home stopped to look at rotting alinendos at roadside. Found nothing.
[[underline]] Station 58. [[/underline]]
Road between San Juan and Bayamon. A specimen of [[underline]] Metamasius [[/underline]] flew into the car. In the evening finished working over the bag of fungus. Tiny Staphs were very abundant. There must be many hundred.
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