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[[stamped page number, upper left]] 24 [[/stamp]] Puerto Rico 24.

[[left margin]] X-15-35 [[/margin note]] When we first landed in Puerto Rico our radio didn't work very well so I changed all the tubes. Since then we have gotten good reception at night, but can't pick up anything but local stations in the daytime. The following ^[[long-wave]] stations were received in San Juan: WKAQ and WNEL, San Juan, P.R.; WSB, Atlanta, Ga.; WBT, Charlotte, N.C.; WSM, Nashville, Tenn.; WHAS, Louisville, Ky.; WCAU, Philadelphia; WEAF and WABC, New York; WBZ, Boston; WGY, Schenectady; WHAM, Rochester; KDKA, Pittsburgh; WLW, Cincinnati; WTAM, Cleveland; WJR, Detroit; WGN, Chicago; WHO, Des Moines; XEFO, Mexico City. On short wave: COCH, Havana, Cuba; YV3BC, Caracas, Venezuela; W3XAU, Philadelphia; W8XK, Pittsburgh; W2XAF, Schenectady; GSB, London, England; FYA, Paris, France; DJD, Berlin, Germany. 
When we were in Jamaica we heard on short-wave: W8XK, W2XAF, DJA, GSE, FYA, and also YV11BMO, Maracaibo, Venezuela; HJ4ABC, ? (Span.Am.); HKE, Bogota, Colombia; C09JC, Santiago, Cuba; and H84ABA, Medellin, Colombia.
In Haiti heard also     , Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 
Frequently we can get a program better on the long-wave, as from WLW, but sometimes the static is too noisy for anything but the short wave stations.
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[[stamped page number, upper right]] 25

It rained again more or less continually all day. I managed to write a few letters, clean up bottles, and pack away the large accumulation of [[strikethrough]] vials [[/strikethrough]] specimens in vials. Also spent several hours writing cards for the definitions of entomological terms given in Snodgrass' new book. Yesterday I bought 1000 3x5 Cards (for $1.25) and I expect to use most of them on this one volume.
In the evening we went to a movie, - very likely the last in some months. It won't particularly break [[underlined]] my [[/underlined]] heart.
[[left margin]] X-16-35 [[/margin note]] Rode the motorcycle down to get the sidecar. Then home to take out things we'll need, and put in the extras that we won't. Then I went to town, [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] got our S.S. tickets ($16.00) and put the motor in storage at Bailey's. He will charge me $2.50 per month. After lunch went to town again to mail a parcel containing books and clothes to Washington, things we don't need (or never did!).
Finished packing specimens and fastening on the corks of vials to go in the alcohol tank. Also washed a lot of vials. Did some more typing on the cards. Ruth pretends to think it's a terrible waste of time! Always that way about my filing systems!!
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