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Saturday, Aug. 8.

This is the proper date on which to commence this narrative. For altho I had gone to the Adirondacks three or four days previous, those days were spent at a boarding-camp and form no part of "Camping in the Adirondacks."

This Saturday was a beautiful day, unusually warm for the mountains. I took the noon boat from Cohasset - the place at which I had been staying and which was situated about a third of the way up Fourth Lake - and went to the village of Old Forge. This town is located at the south-western extremity of the Fulton Chain of Lakes and is connected by a short railroad with the village of Fulton Chain, the junction-point and the main Adirondack railroad for these lakes.

Having purchased provisions to last for the four days we were to spend in the neighborhood of Fourth Lake and having done a little shopping for the campers in the vicinity of Cohasset, I awaited the arrival of the four o'clock train. The operations of a diver, cleaning off the bottom of one of the vessels made the time pass quickly and soon the train which was to bring my friend from the busy civilized world to the wilds of the Adirondacks arrived.

We boarded the boat, a good-sized double-decker and wended our

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First and Second Lakes