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Mt. Mitzuga, western slopes, Muli, territory, southeast of Shouchu river. June 1928.

16171 Paeonia sp? flowers pink, in shade of spruce forest, elev. 12000 ft. plant 2 ft tall photogr. this species. (neg. no 213, 214,) neg. no. 47130 47131 (personal neg no. 213). 

16172 Rhodod. sp? shrub 10-12 ft. flowers pinkish purple, in spruce and fir forest 13000 ft. en route to Shouchu. 

16173 Saxifrage, flowers purplish red, leaves thick fleshy in forest of fir and spruce, elev. 13500 ft. below Sateroka camp northern slopes. 

16174 Primula sp? muliense H. Maz. lavender pink flowers, eye white, in mossy forests of fir with Rhodod. elev. 13800 ft. - 14000 ft. see photograph no 47147 same loc. as 16173.     

16175 Primula sp? flowers pale blue eye yellow, rocky dry slopes in pine and oak forest Southwest of Muli, elev. 11500 ft. June 1928.

16176 Primula sino-purpurea? swampy meadows, back of Mt. Mitzuga Muli, elev. 14000 ft. flowers deep purple. 

16177 Caragana sp? shrub 1 ft high spreading, flowers yellowish pink, rocky slopes and screes, out of limestone crags western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga elev. 14000 ft. 

16178 Rhodod. sp? shrub 1-2 ft, flowers yellow, alpine meadows slopes, west of Mitzuga near Sateroka elev. 14600 ft. June 1928. 

16179 plant 1/2 ft. tall spreading in forests as well as alpine meadows, flowers yellow, back of Mt. Mitzuga, elev. 13500 ft.

16180 Liliac. flowers green in sharp limestone screes below crags of Mt. Mitzuga, elev. 14000 ft. June 1928 northwestern slopes. 
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