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16181 Potentilla sp? spreading herb, flowers yellow in gravelly slopes elev. 14000 ft near Yang mo-tso-tso pass, back of Mt. Mitzuga.

16182 Leguminous herb, prostrate, flowers yellow, back of Mt. Mitzuga in alpine meadows 14500 ft. between Sateroka and Sen Kyissu.

16183 Anemone sp? flowers white at camp Sen Kyissu, 14300 ft in alpine meadows.

16184 Ribes sp? shrub 3-4 ft. alpine meadows, elev. 13000 ft below Sen Kyissu.

16185 Crucifer, flowers white in watercourses with [[strikethrough]] Primulas same loc. as 16184.

16186 Lonicera sp? shrub 1-2 ft. flowers yellow in Rhod. scrub, elev. 16400 ft. at Shi Khain.

16187 Ranunculac. herb flowers yellow alpine meadows between Yangmo-tso-tso and Sateroka. elev. 14600 ft.

16188 Potentilla sp? flowers yellow, leaves green, same loc. as 16187.

16189 Cypripedium luteum ^var. grassy slopes under pines and oaks between Sateroka and Rutuh northern slopes of Mt. Mitzuga, elev. photographed this species.

16190 Primula sp? flowers lavender blue, swampy shady places in oak forest near Sateroka, elev 14200 ft.

[[circled note with arrow pointing to 16189]] neg. no. 47132 Nat. Geogr. [[end note]]