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16191 Primula sp? flowers orange, yellow alpine region in shady forests of fir elev. 14300 ft. forests of Sen Kyi ssu.

16192 Rhodod. sp? ^croceum B. & Sm. shrub 10-15 ft. flowers yellow, forests of larches below Sateroka en route to Rutuh. photographed this species (autochrome) elev. 13000 ft. 

16193 Sorbus sp? forests of Sateroka tree 15 ft, flowers white, with Rhododendr. elev. 14300 ft.

16194 Rhodod. sp? ^timeteum B. & For. shrub 15-18 ft, flowers lavender blue, photographed with 16192, forests below Sateroka camp en route to Rutuh. elev. 13000 ft.

16195 Pedicularis sp? herb, flowers purple in alpine meadows of back of Mt. Mitzuga elev. 14300 ft.

16196 Pedicularis sp? flowers pink same loc. as 16195. 

16197 Primula sp? flowers pink on banks of pond elev. 14500 ft western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga foot of limestone crags.

16198 Euphorbia sp? in gravelly slopes western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga. elev. 15000 ft.

16199 herb, flowers yellow, same loc. as 16198.

16200 Orchid flowers purple clayey soil alpine regions under willow scrub, elev 14500 ft. Mt. Mitzuga.