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16201 Leguminous plant prostrate flowers purple, gravelly slopes of Mt. Mitzuga western slopes, elev. 14400 ft. 

16202 Anemone, on limestone crags elev. 15000 ft, flowers delicate lavender, Mt. Mitzuga western slopes.

16203 Primula sp? flowers deep purplish-blue, alpine meadows back of Mt. Mitzuga elev. 15000 ft. beyond camp Sen Kyi ssu. 

16204 Solms-Laubachia? sp? flowers, flowers pinkish-blue, on limestone screes back of Mt. Mitzuga elev. 15300 ft.

16205 Crucifer flowers yellow very fragrant same loc. and in company with 16204.

16206 Anemone sp? flowers white and lavender blue. same loc. as 16203. 

16207 Rhodod. sp? prostrate shrub 4-5 inch high, limestone scree with 16204 and 16205 flowers purplish red.

16208 Ericac. plant, flowers cream-col. on limestone crags 15300 ft same loc. as 16204. 

16209 Androsace spinulifera flowers rich pink, pine forests of Mt. Mitzuga 11000 ft. Muli. 

16210 Primula sp? same loc. as 16209. flowers blue, eye yellow, dry rocky slopes.