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16211 Hemerocallis sp? flowers orange yellow, same loc. as 16210 and 16211. 

16212 Syringa sp? shrub 15 ft, flowers pink, fragrant, spruce forest of 11500 ft Mt. Mitzuga, Muli. 

16213 Lonicera sp? shrub, 10 ft, flowers pale yellow, same loc. as 16212

16214 Lichen from forests of northern slopes of Mt. Mitzuga Sateroka camp, exclusively on Abies sp? elev. 14300 ft. Muli. 

16215 Lichen same loc. as 16214. on firs.

16216 Lichen, same loc. as 16214. " "

16217 Labiate flowers yellow, forests beyond Sateroka, fir forests, 14000 ft. Mt. Mitzuga.

16218 Rhodod. sp? shrub 1-2 ft flowers bluish-purple, alpine regions of Mt. Mitzuga elev. 14300 ft. [[strikethrough]] back [[/strikethrough]] western slopes. see neg. no. 47124 - 25. personal neg. no. 205 - 206. 

16219 Anemone sp! flowers white above - blue beneath alpine meadows of Mt. Mitzuga, Muli, western slopes. 

16220 Crucifer, flowers yellow in screes below limestone crags of Yang mo tso tso elev. 14900 ft. northwest slopes of Mt. Mitzuga.