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16221 Rhodod. sp? shrub 2-3 ft, flowers blue, alpine region back of Mt. Mitzuga, Muli, elev. 14500 ft. 

16222 Meconopsis sp? flowers deep purplish-blue, meadows of Sen Kyissu, Mt. Mitzuga western slopes elev. 14500 ft. 

16223 Anemone sp? flowers large white on edge of fir forests at 14000 ft elev. beyond Sateroka camp north-west of Mt. Mitzuga. 

16224 Salvia sp? flowers purplish red same loc. as 16223.

16225 Rhodod. sp? shrub 15-20 ft. in larch and spruce forest elev. 13000 ft. beyond Sateroka camp, Mt. Mitzuga, northwestern slopes. Muli. 

16226 Iris sp? flowers deep purple, alpine meadows of Mt. Mitzuga, elev. 14000 ft. Muli. western slopes.

16227 Labiate, flowers golden yellow, same loc. as 16223. 

16228 Rhodod. sp? shrub 3 ft. flowers pinkish purple, oak forests 11000 ft, between Sateroka and Rutuh, northwestern slopes of Mt. Mitzuga. 

16229 Pedicularis sp? flowers purple, northwest slopes of Mt. Mitzuga above Rutuh, elev 12500 ft in spruce forest and also alpine meadows 14500 ft.

16230 Pedicularis flowers yellow spruce forests and alpine meadows above Rutuh elev 13000 ft. at Rarotong on alpine meadow.