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16231 Picea sp? tree 50 - 100 ft. - 150 ft. see photo, bordering Rarontong (neg no 212.) alpine meadow, elev. 12600 ft. northwest slopes of Mt. Mitzuga. neg. no. 47340 Nat. Geogr.

16232 Anemone sp? flowers white below Rarontong in forests of spruce elev. 12000 ft.

16233 Rosac. shrub 3 ft. same loc. as 16232, flowers white.

16234 Rubiac. herb flowers yellow fragrant, rocky slopes in pine forest elev. 12000 ft above Rutuh. 

16235 Leptodermis sp? flowers pink shrub 3 ft. same loc. as 16231. 

16236 Composite forming flat rosettes flowerheads purple in alpine meadows, elev. 14200 ft. near Sateroka. northwest slopes of Mt. Mitzuga. 

16237 Composite, flowerheads rich yellow, alpine meadows 14600 ft, western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga, Muli. 

16238 Aster sp? ray [[strikethrough]] flower [[/strikethrough]] florets deep purple, same loc. as 16237.

16239 Umbelliferae flowers white in limestone screes elev 14900 ft. northwest slopes of Mt. Mitzuga,

16240 Meconopsis sp? flowers steel-blue, same loc. as 16239.