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16241 cushion plant on limestone crags western peaks of Mt. Mitzuga, elev. 15800 ft. flowers?

16242 Composite, rosette plant in alpine meadows, elev. 14600 ft. west Mt. Mitzuga Yangmo tso tso pass. 

16243 Umbellifer flowers white same loc. as 16242.

16244 Aster sp? flowers purple, same loc. as 16242.

16245 Allium sp? flowers wine colored same loc. 16242

16246 Boragin. herb flowers rich blue alpine regions of northwest Mitzuga Muli mountain elev. 14800 ft. 

16247 Potentilla sp? flowers yellow, cushion plant same loc. as 16241.

16248 Crucifer. fruiting, limestone crags and screes 15800 ft. western summit of Mt. Mitzuga / Muli.

16249 Meconopsis sp? flowers deep purple alpine meadows of Sen Kyi ssu

16250 Androsace, flowers white same loc. as 16241.