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16251 Corydalis sp? flowers pale mauve, leaves pale green, high alpine screes, elev. 15600 ft. western slopes of Mt. Mitzuga, Muli mountain. 

16252 Crucifer same loc. as 16251. flowers lavender.

16253 Ranuncul. herb flowers green, same loc. as 16251

16254 herb, flowers orange red, alpine meadows of Mt. Mitzuga elev. 15200 ft. western slopes. Muli.

16255 Anemone sp? flowers deep purple same loc. as 16254.

16256 herb flowers reddish green, same loc. as 16254.

16257 Primula sp? flowers pink on moist banks near Muli, elev. 10000 ft. Muli valley.

16258 Composite flowers yellow in pine forest near Muli 10500 ft.

16259 Gesneriac. plant on limestone boulders flowers yellow, Muli mountain, elev. 10500 ft. 

16260 Morina sp? flowers purple, west of Muli, larch forest 11500 - 12000 ft.