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16291 Primula sp? flowers deep dull purple, moist grassy banks, eastern slopes of Mt. Konka alpine meadows 14200 ft.

16292 Ranunucul. herb flowers yellow, same loc. as 16291. 

16293 Pedicularis sp? flowers purple. alpine meadow above Garuh, [[strikethrough]] alpine [[/strikethrough]] eastern slopes of Mt. Konka [[strikethrough]] Gorge [[/strikethrough]] Gkon zse Gkong pass 15000 ft. 

16294 Primula sp? alpine meadow, below Dzambala foot of Mt Shanandodji, elev. 15200 ft Saiyo Katso. Mt. Konka. flowers deep purple,

16295 Primula sp? flowers bluish purple in alpine meadows above Garuh, eastern slopes of Mt. Konka 14200 ft. 

16296 Omphalogramma, sp? ^vinciflorum Fr. same loc. as 16295 flowers deep purple. photogr. this species. neg. no 47147 Nat. Geogr. Soc. 

[[in pencil]] 16296a

16297 Primula sp? flowers pale pink watercourses same loc. as 16295.

16298 Primula sp? flowers yellow, alpine meadows of Mt. Konka in willow scrub 15200 ft. Mt. Shanandodji. 

16299 herb, flowers reddish, same loc. as 16298 on grassy slopes. 

16300 Allium sp? same loc. ^as 16295 flowers white.