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16301 Crucifer, flowers yellow, on limestone crags eastern slopes of Mt. Konka, elev. 15000 ft. Mt. Shanandodji. 

16302 Lonicera sp? flowers yellow, same loc. 16301.

16303 Crucifer, flowers lavender purple, same loc. 16301. 

16304 Pedicularis sp? summit pass of Gkou zse gkong alpine meadow, elev. 15000 ft. flowers purple, 

16305 legum. herb, flowers purple, same loc. as 16304. Unicate?

16306 Pedicularis sp? flowers white and purple, alpine meadows of Mt. Konka elev. 15300 ft. eastern slopes. 

16307 Pedicularis sp? flowers pale pink same loc. as 16306.

16308 Primula sp?  flowers deep purple, same loc. as 16306.

16309 Amaranthac. herb, cliffs and crags of Mt. Konka eastern slopes, elev. 15400 ft. Shanandodji. 

16310 Rhodod. sp? shrub 15 ft. flowers pinkish purple, Rhod. forests near Gkou zse gkong pass, Mt. Konka eastern slopes 15000 ft.