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16331 Rosa sp? shrub 10 ft. flowers large white in fir forests near Tsengu gomba. elev. 14600 ft. Slopes of Sheurezig Mt. Konka. 

16332 Senecio sp? flowers yellow, same loc. as 16331. 

16333 Primula sp? flowers pinkish blue, meadows near Tsengu gomba, Sheurezig Mt. Konka, elev. 14100 ft. 

16334 Rhodod. sp? shrub 5-8 ft. flowers white, in larch forest elev. 13000 ft. east of Tsengu gomba, slopes of Sheurezig, Mt. Konka.

16335 Primula sp? flowers white alpine meadows of Bayu elev. 15700 ft slopes of Sheurezig, Mt. Konka, 

16336 Composite sp? flowers yellow, in screes, same loc. as 16335, elev. 16500 ft. 

16337 Aster sp? same loc. as 16335

16338 herb, flowers blue same loc. as 16336 on screes 16500 ft elevat. 

16339 Composites on screes, elev. 16800 ft slopes of Sheurezig near camp Bayu. 

16340 Labiate, flowers pale blue, alpine meadows elev. 15700 ft. camp Bayu Mt. Sheurezig Konka. 
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