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16341 Composite, in scree near pass J├╝ssa laka on high crags elev. 17500 ft. Mt. Sheurezig, Konka. 

16342 Crucifer, flowers white in crevices in boulders in Patso nyon wu valley, elev 16700 - 17000 ft south east of Sheurezig Konkaling territory Mt Konka. 

16343 Pedicularis sp? flowers cream-colored, alpine meadows same locality as 16342, elev. 16800 ft. 

16344 Polygonum sp? flowers pink same loc. as 16343. 

16345 Delphinium alpine meadows near Camp Bayu, Konkaling, elev. 15800 ft. Mt. Konka.

16346 Silene sp? flowers purplish pink, on gravelly slopes 16500 ft. [[strikethrough]] above [[strikethrough]] above camp Bayu, Konkaling Mt. Konka

16347 Composite flowers yellow, in screes in Patso nyon wu valley elev. 17000 ft between Bayu and Tsengu gomba, Mt. Konka.

16348 Aconitum sp? same loc. as 16347, but at 16600 ft elev. 

16349 Primula sp? flowers deep purple only observed on Mt. Konka on southern slopes of Mt. Jambiyang, elev. 15000 ft. Laua tong.

16350 Ericac. plant among rocks, slopes of Shanandodji elev. 16300 ft. flowers white. Mt. Konka,