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16351 Corydalis sp? flowers blue on screes western slopes of Jambiyang Mt. Konka 16300 ft.

16352 Composite in scree southern slopes of Mt. Jambiyang Mt. Konka, Tonyi besi territory elev 16500 ft. 

16353 Composite in scree north east slopes of Sheurezig near Bayu camp, elev 16300 ft. Mt. Konka.

16354 Composite sp? in loose scree southwestern slopes of Mt. Sheurezig Unicate also between loose slate, elev. 16500 near Cha ddu camp. Mt. Konka. 

16355 Juniper sp? tree 35 ft. near foot of Shanandodji glacier elev. 14500 ft beyond Shingada camp. Mt. Konka.

16356 herb, flowers red in gravel same loc. as 16355. 

16357 Composite flowerheads yellow same loc. as 16355

16358 Androsace sp? prostrate mat flowers pink, in glacier gravel at foot of Konka drjanse the Shanan-dodji glacier, elev. 14500 ft. 

16359 Leguminous plant flowers yellow, same loc. as 16358. 

16360 Crucifer flowers yellow, among rocks cliffs of Shanandodji southern slopes, elev. 15300 ft. Mt. Konka 
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